Lawn Services


Lawn Service will consist of cutting all turf areas to include trimming of beds and sidewalks.  The following is a breakdown of services provided:

Spring Clean Up

Clean up all winter debris from exterior of property.  Items to be cleaned up and removed from the property include, but not limited to; all trash, garbage, cans, papers, leaves, and twigs.  We will also seed and repair grounds as necessary, weed all beds, edge all landscape edges, and rake all dead/damaged turf areas.

After we have the grounds cleaned and prepped, we will mulch and apply a weed preventer in all beds and other areas where applicable.

Lawn Mowing and Maintenance

All turf areas shall be mowed weekly or as needed.  Mowers to be a standard height of 2 ½” except during the heat of the summer at which time they will be mowed bi-weekly with mowers rose to 2 ¾” - 3 ¼”.  Grass clippings and clumps will be removed from all bed areas, streets, curbs, parking bumpers, sidewalks, patios, and entrance ways.  All tall grass left around trees, fences, window wells, signs and buildings after mowing shall be trimmed.

Bed Maintenance

All common area beds shall be free of weeds and grass throughout the season.  We will apply a weed preventer to all beds to prevent the germination of weeds throughout the year.  We will also hand weed biweekly as to keep the beds neat, clean and weed free.

Pruning of Shrubs, Trees and Bushes

Shrubs and bushes will be trimmed of all dead branches.  Pruning will be restricted to new growth only in order to keep shrubs properly shaped.  All trimmings and debris will be removed from the property.  Pruning will be performed throughout the season.

Fall Clean up

Leaf Clean Up will be done on a weekly basis until all leaves have been removed from the property.

At Brothers-In-Lawn we strive to customize our service to meet the expectations of each of our customers’ needs.  We look forward to open lines of communication; we are flexible and can implement new strategies before and during the landscaping season.  Your experience with our company will be positive and our willingness and drive to satisfy you will make our relationship long lasting.

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